Robin Saluoks
Robin Saluoks



Robin Saluoks is CEO & Founder of eAgronom. Coming from a farming family, he studied computer science at the university. This lead him to found eAgronom Farm Management Software in 2016. eAgronom used its 1.1M hectare client base to launch the carbon farming program in the summer of 2021 and is now a leading player in Europe and Africa.

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AgVenture Launch

EBRD is extending support to the start-up food and agri-tech sector through the EBRD AgVenture programme.

Are you a food or agri-tech start-up facing some of the biggest challenges in the food industry today? We are looking for ideas on how start-ups can help address rising input costs, counter the impact of intensifying climate change and ensure fair inclusion in global value chains.

Join our EBRD AgVenture start-up launch event to connect with investors and discover what they are looking for in food and agri-tech start-ups and the sector more broadly. Find out what the EBRD is doing to support innovation and start-ups.


-          Micol Chiesa, Partner and Head of Climate Science at Planet Fund

Keynote speaker:

-          Noga Sela-Shalev, CEO of the Fresh Start foodtech incubator

Panel participants:

-          Jan Kobler, Managing Partner at South Central Ventures

-          Robin Saluoks, CEO of eAgronom

Noga Sela-Shalev
Fresh Start foodtech incubator
Robin Saluoks
Jan Kobler
Managing Partner,
South Central Ventures
Micol Chiesa
Partner and Head of Climate Science,
Planet Fund